Get in Touch With Alison Maltese

Broker Associate, Realtor®
Office Phone 303.455.LIVE
Cell Phone 303.249.8006
Fax 303.942.3990

Q&A With Alison...

Where do you LIVE?
Old Town Arvada Colorado

Why Real Estate...Aren't there enough agents on the planet already?
Yes there are!! I know REALLY!!! I find people, find people that they can relate to or just feel comfortable with first, then of course look for the highest quality in experience and knowledge. I feel confident to meet both those qualities and be a good fit for the majority of people who need a Real Estate Agent.

What music is currently on your playlist?
My playlist is primarily used for working out but I would have to say that Joss Stone, Jack Johnson, Jeremy Camp and Luke Bryan come up often with a little AC/DC to get my heart rate up too.

What cause gets your time and money?
My husband and I have adopted a child through Compassion International who lives in Haiti. We have been supporting her for the last 14 years. My time is usually spent at the Rising Church Food Bank in Old Town Arvada helping stock shelves, picking up donations and encouraging the homeless when I can. and finally I also help support missionaries in various parts of the world with donations along with local Non profits such as Homes for our troops.

Give it Up. What Local Restaurant is your best kept secret?
I would have to say the Bluegrass Coffee and Bourbon lounge in Old Town Arvada on Grandview. During the day, they are a coffee house that focuses on espresso-based drinks while serving an array of breakfast sandwiches, pastries, muffins, cakes, scones and cakes. At night, they transform into a Bourbon bar where people feel "at home", dishing out an array of salads, pizzas and all types. They even squeeze in a little live music in the corner of this quaint space.